• VitrA CraftMix Ceramic Series

    While CraftMix decors create a chic and classic look, the basic tiles of the range create a living space with a very modern design. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, CraftMix series provides a warm atmosphere with its traditional design, bright surface and relief structure.

  • VitrA Ice & Smoke Ceramic Series

    A new ceramic series using basic construction materials predominantly. Named after Ice & Smoke hues, Ice & Smoke comes in new size options to create spaces with its natural outlook and geometrical decors.

  • VitrA Homemade Ceramic Series

    A ceramic series enabling creation of a rustic space or a modern loft ambiance in retro style. This new tiles series has 10x30 cm bright surface as a reflection on brick style. Homemade offers a lot of different design alternatives for bathrooms and kitchens through flat, sliding, zigzag and herringbone tiling.

  • Z-Line Basin Mixer

    The joy of the family. Z-Line shares your passion for a pleasant and hygienic bathroom. Z-line sink and bath/shower mixers are user friendly thanks to the series convenient lever design and the easy to clean smooth surface contributes the cleanliness of your living environmet.

  • VitrA Fresh

    VitrAfresh and integrated stop valve introduced with Metropole, Nest and is now available in D-Light series as well. The liquid cleaner tank on top of the WC pans adds detergent to the flushing water, maximizing hygiene and freshening the air with every flush. The stop valve integrated to the WC mixes hot and cold water and provides added comfort.

  • Rim-Ex WC Pan

    The rimless WC Pan Rim-Ex prevents germ proliferation thanks to its innovative design. Rim-Ex is easy to clean, and offers maximum hygeine. Rim-Ex WC pans are available in various models suitable for all bathroom styles.


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