About Atlantic

Atlantic Company

Atlantic is a well-established and renowned French brand, expert in all types of heating and home comfort systems, with a worldwide presence.

Specialist of heating and comfort appliances, Atlantic constantly combines premium design, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Atlantic has developed a complete range of modern and reliable equipment such as water heaters, electric heaters, bathroom heaters, solar water heaters, heat pumps, etc. The company’s objective is to bring an optimum comfort to its customers while optimizing cost savings.

Year after year, its reputation as an expert French brand, with a unique know-how, has spread worldwide. Today, Atlantic is well established in France, Western and Eastern Europe, Near and Middle East, Africa, South America and even Asia-Pacific, with an ongoing growth and deployment worldwide.

We innovate, developing friendly solutions
Hybrid solutions
Atlantic teams are committed to developing solutions promoting renewable energy use such as heat pump water heaters.

Smart products
Choosing Atlantic also means benefitting from a custom-made smart system designed to meet specific hot water requirements based on connectivity features and programming to save energy.