Appealing And Long-lasting Hospitality & Retail Design

December 26, 2023

Design Doesn’t Need To Suffer In Order To Achieve Performance,

Companies that offer hospitality and retail services are seeking the attention and loyalty of their customers, particularly since there are usually many choices available to those customers. As such, hospitality and retail facilities are intended to appeal to a lot of different people, offering both a design challenge and attention to the day-to-day stress placed on those facilities. Therefore, it is incumbent on architects and designers to first create retail and hospitality buildings that help attract customers and secondly to provide an enduring experience that will hold up over time. That means building materials, products, and systems become important tools in providing the needed high levels of design and long-term durability. In this course, we look at a variety of products, systems, and materials that can be considered by design professionals to help meet all these project requirements. The course is broken down into three sections – building exteriors, building interiors, and restroom design.

Learning Objectives:
Identify and recognize the significance of exterior building designs that promote light, views, and outdoor spaces that improve safety and welfare.
Assess the health and safety performance aspects of interior systems in retail and hospitality settings as they relate to durability and sustainability.
Explain the importance of enhanced restroom design for health, hygiene, and general welfare as part of a well-designed total building.
Determine ways to incorporate the design principles presented into buildings as shown in project examples.